Bury, Bolton, Manchester Canal.

Bolton Arm

Here we are at the top of the "Nob End" staircase canal locks. Sadly these locks are in a bad way, Not much left to be seen, just the retaining walls of the locks have been left. Luckily in winter you can make out quite a lot of what is left, but in summer these are heavily overgrown.

I think there was 5 locks here. This will be a major construction job when they eventually repair these locks. Still they will make a spectacular central point of this canal.

From the top of the locks looking down the Irwell valley - this is where the canal snakes down to Manchester. We hope to follow this route in the future.
This is all that's left of the bridge at the top of "Nob End" where the canal ran towards Bolton.
Canal Buildings at Nob End.
Heading towards Bolton - here the canal is back in water. Notice that the canal is broad in nature - doing a bit of research the original plan was for this canal to link up with Manchester and Liverpool canal, they wanted the canal to be broad to match. However the plan was never realised and this canal remained un linked to any other network.
Heading towards Bolton. Here the path is good, if a little muddy in places.
You get to see how wide the canal is here! We are near Little Lever.
Sadly the canal ended just near this point. We didn't know why - until we came across Hall Lane (A6053). Originally the canal crossed here on a aqueduct. Nothing is left apart from some of the supporting wall on the left hand side of the path.
There wasn't much to see of the canal, we did follow a path along Fogg lane, a small dirt path. We could see the route of the canal, but it was above us and was very overgrown. Luckily a little further on we got back on the canal route. Here you can see the edging stones marking the canal.
Looking back along the route of the canal - you can see how wide it was.
Heading towards Darcy Lever.
This is where the canal went under Radcliffe road. You can make out the top of the bridge.
A closer look at the bridge here.
The plaque on the bridge showing when it was restored.
The view from the bridge looking towards Darcy Lever, there is a pathway on route of the old canal.
This is where the canal used to run. We rode along here, until suddenly the path ended and the canal disappeared. It took us a few minutes to try and work out where it went.
At the end of where the route of the canal stopped we could make out the old railway viaduct at Darcy Lever.
After consulting our maps we worked out that the canal used to cross Radcliffe road and the River Croal via a viaduct at this location. There isn't much left to say there was even a viaduct here.
On a revisit to the old aqueduct site we took this picture. In the picture on the near side you can see a pier foundation and the bottom of another on the other side of the river Tonge.
With a bit of searching and climbing through the undergrowth we came across the canal once more. See the canal sides. We are looking back towards the aqueduct.
Not the best shot - but this was showing where the canal used to flow.

On the route of the canal - its very difficult to judge where the canal ran, as so much has gone.

We couldn't follow it just after this point. St Peters Way was built over it in the 1960s. We had to go through the back streets (Bromwich Street) and cross over Bradford street to try and follow the canal.

We then followed Dorset street to the point where we knew the canal ended at a wharf near the main church in Bolton.

This was was the point where the canal ended, the wharf has long disappeared under St Peters Way. This is the viaduct that takes the railway from Bolton to Blackburn.

The site of the old canal wharf at Bolton. You can just see St Peters Way on the right hand side of the picture.

This was the end of the route.

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