Welcome to the site!

As a regular visitor or a first time viewer we hope you enjoy the new look site.

As you probably know we are not serious cyclists, we enjoy getting out and doing some exercise, our longsest route is only 35 miles, and we did that in a full day! We put this site together to share the routes with you and also to document the history and points of interest we have found along the way.

We have split the main information in to 5 parts.

Bike Rides. The bike routes we have covered, with pictures, maps and descriptions.

Railways. Information and history about the disused railways we have ridden on.

Canals. Information and history about the canals we have ridden on.

Bibliography. Books we have used for Information.

Other Stuff. Riding in Holland, Radio interview plus other stuff.

We have taken the opportunity to look at the routes page and add more information that we hope you find useful, so you can follow and enjoy them, this includes adding missing maps and reviewing the existing material.

We hope the new format is more user friendly and will help you get out and about on your bike. We are always open for feedback, either by email of the guest book.

Thanks for your continued support.

Thanks Jon and Duncan