The Deadline - Reddish Vale, Stockport

This is a route I used to take as a child, I grew up in Reddish and used to take many bike rides in Reddish Vale. The Vale is protected greenbelt land and forms part of the Tame Valley, which runs from Stockport to Uppermill.

There are many bike and walk routes through the Tame Valley, we hope to cover more of these soon. Theses routes are well maintained and easy to follow with good sign posts. They can be a little muddy in winter, as the paths are often made up of a sandy shale.

This route starts at Houldsworth Sq in Reddish, however the route can be started in at the Reddish Vale visitor centre, where there are toilet and parking facilities. The centre itself contains information about the Tame Valley and is staffed by wardens. Well worth a look.

The main part of the route runs along the old "Deadline" - this is a disused railway line that used to run from Stockport (Tiviot Dale). It used to join the (still in use) Manchester to Sheffield line. There is another small part of the line still in use, this was the link from Stockport to Bredbury, via the Brinnington tunnel, which has been restored so you can use it.

I hope you enjoy this route - give it a go - enjoy.



Houldsworth Square, Reddish

Houldsworth Square Reddish. The staring point of this route.

There are many shops and facilities around this area. Handy for hungry cyclists.

You can just see the clock in the middle of the square. This will built in emory of William Houldsworth, a mill owner who built and developed Reddish in to a milling town. He built the swimming baths, library, fire station, many houses, basically ptting reddish on the map. However he wasnt keen on drinking, hence the lack of public houses in Reddish!

When they built the clock, each person in Reddish donated an old penny towards its construction.


Looking back along the B6167, Gorton Road. Please be careful, this is a busy road.

Looking up Reddish road, still the B6167. This is the direction of the route we will be taking.


The junction of Reddish rd and Reddish vale road. We take this route down towards Reddish Vale.


The same junction - looking towards Stockport.


Half way down Reddish Vale road, you pass my old school.
One of the new signs along this route, giving you clear directions.

Entering Reddish Vale from Reddish Vale rd. These new signs have recently been put up.


As you follow the steep hill down Reddish Vale rd, you pass the recently restored Stocktons farm. This was orginally a working diary farm. It lay derilict for many years, but recently has been re-opened and restored as a stable and childrens farm.

This is a great resource for families and children alike. They offer a petting section, stables, horse riding etc. There is also a fine tea room. Nice stop for a cuppa.

The team rooms at the farm. Stop by and pay them a visit.

The Reddish Vale visitor centre. This is an ideal start for the route, especially if you are travling in to the area. You can park your car here and use the facilities at the centre.

The centre is a great point of reference for history and information about the Tame Valley.

It does have limited opening times.


The view over the Reddish Vale old Mill ponds. The bridge is locally known as the 16 arches.

Orginally there were 2 mills in this area, one producing dye, the other cotton. These ponds were created to hold water for the mills, which powered the machines, orgianally by water wheel, later by steam. Both requiring a source of water.

There is also a myth that a local witch cursed the 16 arches, if you count them all, you will be cursed! oohh err

The route we will take, over the river Tame, then right towards the "Deadline".


The path up to the "Deadline" - please note this path is quite steep, and you may need to dismount your bike and push to get up it.
Looking back towards the river Tame and the visitor centre in Reddish Vale.
You have made it!!! The top of the hil towards the "Deadline"

The start of the "Deadline" at the junction of Blacury Lane in Brinnington.

This is the old railway line alignment.

Looking up towards Blackbury Lane. This is the way we will come back from.


One of the Trans-Pennine Trail signs along the route.

The route runs along the rim of the Tame Valley, towards Stockport. This part o fthe route is flat and easy to cycle.


After around 2 miles you come to the junction of the other old railwayline that used to run to Bredbury (to the left).

If you carry straight on this will take you to Tiviot Way A626. There is another car park at the location, and also a large 24 hour Tesco which has full facilities. This part of the route is covered here.

If you want you can take this route to Tiviot Dale, and follow the roads back to Holdsworth Sq. Please note this route is n busy roads.

We are going to stick to the quieter pathways.


Approaching the tunnel.
The Brinnington tunnel. The route continues to climb at this stage and also bears round to the right.

The Tame Valley sign at the tunnel entrance. The tunnel was restored and reopened in 1990. Just inside the tunnel there is an information board, explaining about its use and showing an original map of the railways in this area. Unfortunately this board is heavily vandalised.


Inside the tunnel. This is about half way through. Its on a slight curve, but you can see daylight at each end. The going is good here, but there are drips of water from above.

If you don't fancy taking the tunnel, you can go over it and walk across the busy Brinnington road above.

At the other end. You can see the inside has been painted white to try and get more light.

Looking back to the tunnel - To the left of the picture there is a long stretch of concrete sleepers still in the ground. They must have not been able to remove these when they took the rails up.

The path at this stage can be muddy.

I have my back to the tunnel. The line climbed up towards Bredbury.

The view further on looking towards Bredbury. The M60 runs to the right of the picture and now severs the original line just at the top of the picture. The line then ran at the back of Woodley, some of this line is still in use as a branch off to the recycling plant in Bredbury industrial estate.

The path continues to the boundary of the M60 and then goes in to Brinnington. To the right you can take the path down and under the M60 and through across to the start of the Goyt Valley in Stockport (Woodbank Park)

The end of the line (in its present state). The alignment used to carry straight on (the M60 wasn't built then) towards Bredbury and Woodley.

The path curves up a hill towards the left. This comes out at Brindale Road.

This marks the end of the route on pathways. The rest of the route is on roads.


This is where the path comes out on to Brindale Rd in Brinnington.

This road changes in to Essex road.

Looking up Brindale / Essex road.


The Junction of Brinnington road and Essex road.

We take the route staright ahead and then right down Middlesex road.

These roads look quiet, but they can be quite busy, so please be careful.


Looking back down Essex road.

The junction of Middlesex road and Northumberland road.

You take Northumberland road for about a quarter of mile, then bear left down Blackberry Lane.


Blackberry Lane. Follow this down to the start of the Deadline.

You are now back to the start of the route.

Follow the path back down to Reddish Vale. This is down hill so you can have a rest! Watch your breaks though!

The loop has been compleetd.


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